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Club Info

Saltburn Athletic


Saltburn Athletic

Secretary:Martin Fowkes


Longest Winning Streak: Saltburn Athletic (U13DIV6)

Most Clean Sheets: Sth Pk Rngrs Blue (U13DIV6)

Best Home Record: Saltburn Athletic (U12DIV6)

Best Away Record: Saltburn Athletic (U12DIV6)

Under 12 Division 6

Under 13 Division 6

Pos Team P Pts
1 H'pool Warriors 20 53
2 D'ton Young Bulls 20 50
3 New Marske 20 46
4 Sth Pk Rngrs Blue 20 37
5 Mount Pleasant B 20 34
6 C. Newham Blue 20 24
7 E'cliffe Elementis 20 23
8 Blackwell Rangers 20 20
9 Saltburn Athletic 20 15
10 Leven AFC Juniors 20 13
11 Redcar Ath Blue 20 6

League table amended due to the resignation of Dormanstown FC.

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