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Chris Ord - 18 June 2018

Martin Wood - League Chairman, Under 7 (NR & D'ham) Div. Co-ordinator & League Welfare Officer

Kevin Close - League Secretary, County FA Representative

Colin Geddes - League Conduct Chairman/Secretary

Paul Stalker - Under 16 & Under 17 (Comb.) Div. Co-ordinator & Referee Secretary, Treasurer

Lee Shackleton - Vice Chairman, Under 10 (NR & D'ham) Div. Co-ordinator & League Welfare Officer

Under 8 (NR & D'ham) Div. Co-ordinator - Michael Doyle

Under 9 Durham Div. Co-ordinator - Dave Foster

Under 9 North Riding Div. Co-ordinator - Craig Tupling

Under 11 Div. Co-ordinator - Daren Philpot

Under 12 Div. Co-ordinator - Glenn Pears

Under 13 Div. Co-ordinator - David Grant

Under 14 Div. Co-ordinator - Craig Hurndall

Under 15 Div. Co-ordinator - Malcolm Tupling


League Office e-mail address: (NOTE WELL: E-Mails will only be responded to when they are sent from CLUB SECRETARIES. All other Club/Team Officials wishing to contact the League relating to any business matters MUST use the telephone number provided on League documentation or route their query through their respective Club Secretary). Parents/Guardians/Players should also route their questions through their respective Club Secretary.